Fuller for longer!

Fuller for longer… Filling foods have certain qualities that will keep you satisfied: High in protein. High in fibre. High in volume. Low in energy density. Whole, single ingredient foods. Focus on these types of foods to fill you up with fewer calories. These foods include: Potatoes Quinoa Eggs Oats Apples Oranges Nuts Fish Meat[…]


Eat what you want!

If I want something nauuuuughty I’ll have to go out to the Sainsburys local & get it. If I can’t be bothered, I obviously didn’t want it that much! If I fill the cupboards with unhealthy, sugar filled foods I’ll only end up eating them just because they’re there, through boredom. You know the score,[…]


Group Training

From fat loss and stamina to speed and strength, group training will fire up your metabolism for days after a session & leave you & your friends feeling awesome! Incorporating bodyweight, weights & kettlebells into one full body burn session to give you the best all round, full body workout! You can go at your[…]

Kat Parnell Gym Session

Personal Training

What does Personal Training include? • Health & Fitness Assessment • Body Fat % test & measurements • Full Training program based on your goal & body type • Full Nutrition program tailored to your personal calorie requirements & goal • Nutrition App to follow & keep you on track on your mobile or computer[…]


Sports Massage

What does Sports Massage include? • Full consultation, asking you various questions about your health and lifestyle, to ensure treatment is right for you.  • Posture analysis • Range of motion testing to trigger the cause of the issue you are having. • Strength & muscle activation tests will also be done where necessary. •[…]


What hangover?

What is a hangover? A hangover, also known in Greek as “Algia” which quite fittingly translates into “pain” is what is caused by the over consumption of alcohol. It impairs and disrupts your daily routine, getting your workout done, or preparing your daily meals. There are many disruptors of which some include headaches, a poor sense of well being,[…]