‘We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.’ Aristotle.

Make a new habit.
Habits last. They lead to long term fitness and health. Creating habits require patience and time but they are worth the wait.There are so many fitness programs out there that promise quick results. People losing 20lbs in a few weeks and gaining 6 pack abs. Those people yes may have lost weight but that weight would have mainly come from glycogen storage and water, not fat loss and within a few weeks those people will have reversed the loss and gained it back on. You haven’t created habits you’ve just done something intense and unsustainable. Extreme diets and workout routines for a short period of time are worthless unless you are a boxer trying to make weight. Focus your energy more on long term results and leading a healthy lifestyle.

Be patient.
Habits take time. Focus on making one new habit every month and enjoy your new lifestyle. By taking your time to create one habit at a time you will be able to see your body and your health change for the better. Too many people try and change too many things all at once and end up spreading themselves thin, ending back at square one with a sense of failure. Think about it, one habit a month for a year is 12 new habits… 12 new habits would create a whole new you, one that can transform your way of life, your way of thinking in a positive manner. You and the ones around you will be amazed at your transformation, just because you took your time by appreciating and enjoying the journey of the new YOU and not having a set weight to achieve for example. If you don’t have the patience to tackle one habit at a time or the focus to enjoy creating a healthier life then you should STOP reading now.

Choosing your habit.
There are a number of different habits you can choose. You could start by drinking more water everyday. By filling 2 litre bottles of water and making sure you finish them by the end of the day. I find by marking times of the day on the bottle encourages me to drink more and stay hydrated! Take a pint of water with you to bed and in the morning down that pint before you get up. Another habit could be increasing your lean protein in your diet instead of red meat or increasing the amount of vegetables you have. You could start exercising more. Start by doing 10minutes of exercise a day (doing a circuit of star jumps, press ups, squats for example), straight when you get up or in the evening before you sit down to your favourite TV programme. Start joining me on Facebook for my live HIIT workouts and get your family members involved. What matters most though is that you START not the order in which you do them. Too many people including myself at times neglect recovery, especially when they’re training hard and they soon get injured. Start stretching and mobilising more and have a regular Sports Massage at the KP STUDIO to relieve soreness and steer clear of injury. If fat loss is your main goal, start reducing the calories you have in a day, this doesn’t always mean eating less, just switching dense, calorific foods for lighter, low calorie foods. You can then start implementing some fun cardio that you ENJOY doing. Going for a walk, playing tennis at the park with a friend, cycling around your countryside… it all counts! Then you can start doing some resistant training, start lifting some weights and taking your body out of its comfort zone because inevitably thats where LIFE BEGINS.

Forming your habit.
Make your new habit fun. Make it social by including your friends and joining KP ACADEMY for some awesome HIIT workouts or join a running club. Log your exercises or report to your friends through social media on your progress, and maybe join a forum to share ideas and experiences. People often skip the ‘making one habit at a time’ rule because they think they’re different to everyone else and they want to go their own way. Habits take focus and energy and you need both to achieve your long term goal of a fitter, healthier lifestyle. You can’t expect to see results if you only work hard on the days you feel good. 20% effort will give you 20% reward. Most people put it off because of one excuse or another.. they’re too tired, too busy, too stressed. If anything these are the reasons to start implementing good habits relating to health and fitness. If you don’t have time, MAKE TIME. Get up 10minutes earlier, only watch one episode of Game of Thrones, not three. Make it a PRIORITY.

Enjoy the journey!
If it’s fun you’ll stick with it. Don’t focus on a number on the scale, throw away those scales! You’re heading for a specific, meaningless number and what do you do when you get there!? More often than not bad habits creep back and you’re back where you begun, with a different fad diet, with a different exhausting workout routine, wasting your well earned money and time on quick, unsustainable fixes. Get instant results by enjoying the change and not making it a big sacrifice in your life where it weighs on you and feels like a massive chore. Enter races, challenges, start making healthier meals in the kitchen, enjoy catching up with friends on a run. You can make habits without goals. Goals are predefined outcomes that you’re striving for and not necessarily activities that you want to do. Don’t focus on the outcome but on the moment and the enjoy the change. The outcome matters very little if you enjoy the journey. Don’t limit your path by making unrealistic goals, allow yourself to change course on a whim without a dreaded guilt or sense of failure and you’ll find new paths you never anticipated when you set out. The most important set is the first one! Take it, and enjoy it.

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