What hangover?

What is a hangover?

A hangover, also known in Greek as “Algia” which quite fittingly translates into “pain” is what is caused by the over consumption of alcohol. It impairs and disrupts your daily routine, getting your workout done, or preparing your daily meals. There are many disruptors of which some include headaches, a poor sense of well being, constipation or diarrhea, fatigue and dizziness.

The Danger is in the dose…

The amount that it takes to trigger these symptoms varies… 1.5-1.75 grams of alcoholic drink per kilogram of body weight is on average about 5-7 drinks per person.

Drinking & Dieting

If you want to be able to drink while dieting and still lose weight, don’t drink more than one day per week. To prevent excess fat storage, follow these rules:
Get the vast majority of your calories from protein and carbs and limit your dietary fat intake that day.
Stay away from carb-laden drinks like beer and alcopops that are flooded with sugar and empty calories. Spirits and dry wines are the best choice.
Alcohol advocates like to talk it up as some kind of superfood, but there are no performance benefits or positives regarding health when it comes to alcohol.

If you’re going heavy!

If you’re venturing into the world of hard alcohol, choose a liver detox supplement and take it both before or after drinking, along with a glass of water after every alcohol drink.
By taking this on board will you feel like a normal functioning human being the next day? Not 100% no, but it depends how hard you went. You will however be far more functional and in significantly less discomfort instead of sleeping all day and feeling sorry for yourself.

Give yourself the BEST chance of staying on form…

Many people have their own strategies when drinking alcohol. Some drink fizzy drinks, some a full English fry up and some people drink gallons of water in the hope they’ll drown the toxins away! I have read numerous articles and studies on the best ways to cure hangovers and stop that throbbing headache the morning after a big session with the lads! The most up to date and scientifically proven formula for steering clear of alcohol disruption is the the following… & in advance, you’re welcome!
These suggestions are based on removing toxic substances and restoring nutrients depleted by alcohol.

It is recommended to eat meat such as turkey and egg yolks and turmeric are al so beneficial before alcohol consumption.
During alcohol consumption acetaldehyde is removed from the system better with the consumption of 300mg of ginseng. Taking 500mg of vitamin C will also benefit you as well as drinking a glass of water after every alcoholic drink.
Electrolytes, broccoli, ginger and a strong vitamin B complex are the best things to take after alcohol to help the body get rid of toxins and stay hydrated.

The #1 hangover cure:


Remember alcohol isn’t bad for you as such…

The Danger is in the DOSE! 

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