Why should I have Sports Massage?

IMG_2695What are the benefits of Sports Massage?

Sports Massage is for anyone and you can train like an athlete & eat like a nutritionist but if you don’t take the time to recover you’ll never progress. It can help with injuries, chronic pain, muscle aches and restricted range of motion in all of us! Your body needs time to grow and repair & that’s exactly why I became a Sports Massage Therapist, as I know how important it is to improve your physical, physiological and psychological health.

Here are just a few benefits of Sports Massage:

Take care of your body. By looking after your muscles with the correct recovery you will ensure that you remain fit and healthy to be able to perform optimally. Blood flow will be increased to the muscles, meaning more oxygen will be delivered them so they can grow and repair.

Release tension. Recovery is just as important as the activity itself, and you should be putting adequate time into your recovery to progress. A sports massage will relieve tension in your muscles so you’re ready to hit the gym or the playing field quicker.

Pain reduction. Tension and waste products in the muscles can often cause pain. By releasing endorphins through massage this pain subsides and toxins are flushed out of your system to make you feel more alert and prepared for exercise & life.

Break down scar tissue resulting from previous injuries and trauma. This can affect muscle, tendons and ligaments which leads to tension and then increased risk of injury.

Prevent future injuries. Muscles that recover properly after a workout or exercise have less chance of getting injured as they are more physically prepared through having less tension and tightness within the muscle.

Improve flexibility. Taking care of your muscles prevents muscular damage and improves flexibility.

Improve your mental wellbeing. Sports massage will help you relax and reduce stress levels, increasing your psychological and physical health.

Anxiety reduction. Relaxation is induced and so reduces anxiety levels.

Invigorating. Sports massage before an event with brisk movements produces an invigorating feeling, making you mentally and physically prepared.

Relaxation. Heat generation, circulation and stretching all cause muscles to relax. Mechanoreceptors which sense warmth, tissue length, touch and pressure, are stimulated causing a reflex relaxation.IMG_6652

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