Eat what you want!


If I want something nauuuuughty I’ll have to go out to the Sainsburys local & get it. If I can’t be bothered, I obviously didn’t want it that much!

If I fill the cupboards with unhealthy, sugar filled foods I’ll only end up eating them just because they’re there, through boredom. You know the score, doggies back and forth to the fridge when you’re not even hungry, you’re just procrastinating from doing the hoovering or washing your car. Out of site, out of mind. The more sugary snacks you have the more you’ll crave & you end up spinning round in a viscous cycle: sugar, sugar rush, sugar come down, sugar… Good luck with that sugar related hole in your pocket!

I never tell anyone to cut anything out of their diet. We are all human, we all have our foods & drinks we love. Don’t deprive yourself & worst of all don’t reward yourself with food, you’re not a dog! Just eat healthily 80-90% of the time and enjoy it. If you fancy something, have it! Just don’t go crazy! Satisfy that craving with a small portion & move on, get productive & lhave some willpower! If you want something bad enough you’ll find a way, if you don’t, you’ll find an excuse. Don’t restrict yourself then have something naughty and think ‘oh well, I’ve messed up my ‘diet’ now I may as well go and eat 4 tubs of Ben and Jerry’s and order that XL Dominoes!’

If you’re hungry at the end of a meal have more low calorie, high volume foods (non starchy veg) to fill you up!

Stop having those shakes you despise, those veggies your friend told you were amazing but you squirm at the sight of them. Try new, healthy foods and experiment with what you like and stick with it. You’re more likely to make it a habit and part of a healthy lifestyle that way! It’s not about a short fix to burn 10pounds it’s about being healthy for the long run. No diet will do what healthy eating does.

Here are my go to’s at the supermarket:

Chicken breasts
Lean minced beef
Salmon fillets
Smoked salmon
Tuna cans in brine
Free range eggs
Whey protein
Fish oil
Vitamin D
Rolled Oats
Tilda rice- different types
Sweet potatoes
Baby potatoes
Jacket potatoes
Reduced sugar tomato sauce
Extra white chewing gum
Coke Zero
Garden peas
Olive oil
Whole earth natural peanut butter
Semi skimmed milk

I try & buy most of my food from Makro in bulk. 1) to save money & 2) so I don’t have to keep wasting time shopping & cooking.
Choose 4% of your day on the weekend & prepare and cook your food for the week. Get it done and your meals are ready and waiting in the fridge/freezer, reducing the chances of them home late, no food in the fridge, can’t be bothered to cook, let’s just get a takeaway occasions.

Food is fuel. Nourish your body with wholesome, nutrient rich foods & smile. Enjoy your food, have a balance & you can have anything you want in the right dose!

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